Fascism is simply a tool we wield when liberty is threatened by communism.

Prevail / Siegen Oder Bolschewismus

"What the hell. Everybody ends up dead. It's just a matter of when."


Trapped in a web of lies
I never seen the truth
When it stared me in the eyes
Damn the ones who betray
Every single chance
That I give everyday
Break all the chains that bind
All these pains are lost in the cries
Faith in the day that will come
The chance to overcome

Never seen the face of defeat
Never felt the cries of the weak
Never once thought of surrender
This heart is somber
I will rise 'til the end
Sever the souls that bled
I will take this courage
And turn it into rage

The time has come
Crush the enemy one by one
Like a venomous snake
Ready to strike and dominate
We conquer as one
Pound the enemy 'til it's done

What doesn't kill you
Makes you stronger and bitter
What hasn't made you
Can die quicker and faster
I'll turn the tables around
And wait to break you down
Embraced by warmth and fear
This day will shine in tears

To Arms

My dear I've been off at war
Three whole years now nearly four
Forlorn I am the combat scars I bear

Though how it fills me with cheer
Our home has not disappeared
Dear but me I fear battered beyond repair

My son my end is near
So come close lend me your ear
Listen here to me before my life is through

Son you're the chosen one
A fine young man you have become
You are now me and our whole family too

Son coats of blue they wear
To come and take what is not theirs
Son prepare to give them just what they came for

To arms my son go fight!
Show no mercy show them might!
Son god go with you you go give them war

Son take this coat of gray
Tell them Death is on his way
Make them pay for all the evil things they do

Son raise your banner high
Take their lives, make them die
My son, kill the ones who kill you

I long to be free
So I wait for a sign
I wait for a star
To fall from the sky

From the dust of sleep
A promise to keep
Then all who see shall believe

Deliver into my hand
The sword of the land
Let my journey begin
So all shall understand
That if I fall
I will live again

I will rise up from the chaos
I will rise up from the grave
A brother to the darkness
A master to the slaves

I give no explanation
I was branded by the will
To bring of Death and Destruction
To all that I will kill

Bravery calls my name
In the sound of the wind in the night
My sword will drink blood
And I will fight
Yes I will fight
In the dawn of battle

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